Monday, July 6, 2020

*FREE* Barbie House! DIY Redecorating Project #1

Ma was scrolling on her phone and got a neighborhood blip that someone was giving away a free Barbie house-come and get it! So she did:@) Ha, I love it! This is a Kid Craft Supermodel House, 47" tall and 30" wide. The floors are about 11" deep. 14 1/2" from floor to ceiling on the first two levels, up to 17" on the top floor with the tilted roof. The house is in really good shape and there is a ton of detail. The cutout on the lower left was an elevator. For my purposes, it was too dark and took up too much space, so I did remove that.

$199 at Walmart, this is what was included with the purchase from the ad, we just have the house.
I do like the look of that mod couch though!

3D steps, super cute, but they take up ~a lot of~ prime real estate...
I love the 60's-70's design and I'm tickled with the fireplace. 
This room will be really fun to decorate for Christmas,
and I may have already tried setting up a couple trees for size😎

I need to extend the floor to cover the cutout for the elevator,
and I want to add furniture for diorama pictures.
I did take the steps out for now, adding much needed elbow room...
(Elevator and stairs have been stored in case I want to add them back down the road.)

Looks like the dolls are already making themselves at home...

 The kitchen/bathroom area.
While I do like the look, and would hate to loose the pic of the fridge on the left,
I have 3D furniture pieces and would like to use them.
I'm also not sure I need a bathroom for my pics...
That partial wall in the middle adds stability to the structure, so it has to stay.
Maybe a breakfast nook booth???

So I'll have to do some wallpapering...
My Gloria kitchenette on the left (which fits sans elevator), and table and chairs.
The table takes up a lot of space... 

The upstairs bedroom.
Not sure if I want to make this a totally different space...
We'll see as time goes on.
Actually, what if I flip it and make the top floor the kitchen and bottom the bedroom/bathroom.
I like that idea!

So I hope you'll join me for future posts as I make updates to this living space.
With any luck I can give it a more grown-up look and feel.

Thanks Ma, this is going to be fun😀

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  1. Congratulations on getting this house! Your Ma caught a neat project for you.

    Removing the elevator and the stairs was a good move: nice, all the space you have. Your Gloria kitchenette looks inviting. Flipping the floors would allow for a cozier bedroom and a larger kitchen-dining area.

    It'll be fun to watch the house develop.

    1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to the reno and decorating it for the seasons/holidays:@)

  2. Ha, ha, Lynn...welcome to the Barbie Diorama rabbit hole. That's how it Victorian Mansion was $4.99 I think...and that's how it started. This was a steal, as they are made very well, and NOT plastic, so much easier to work on! Hugs, and wonderful to have another one join me 'down the rabbit hole', lol!

    1. Ha, yea, this has been on my mind for a very long time. At least I'm getting to start with "good bones". The hardest part is, I really think it's cute in it's original form, I just want to make it look more... Real life for dioramas:@)

  3. You're a very active blogger and it's hard to keep up with your posts. The structure of the house looks pretty good and sturdy. I do agree that the colors and the printed furniture aren't very realistic looking, so I can't wait to see how you transform this. I've also been thinking on doing a diorama or two, but I'm very slow working and not very skilled when it comes to crafting. We'll see how that goes.
    Take care.

  4. Wow, that kitchenette, fits perfectly. The proportions on these houses are great. Mattel tends to be too shallow, which is why. I'm always extending floors. You really need a minimum of 12". I had to revisit to spot the kitchen..which I missed the first time! Hugs, Sandi


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