Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Barbie Necklace from Dollar Store Baby Shower Favors -DIY Kids Craft

These Barbie necklaces from baby shower party favors are a fun kids craft for sleepovers or birthday parties. You get 12 in assorted colors for $1 and they can be decorated and embellished with anything... Paint, glitter, rhinestones, stickers, beads, pom-poms, etc. Then just slip the opening over the doll's neck. This is a super simple project, even for the youngest of girls!
They are a good chunky size, maybe even called statement necklaces a couple years ago... 

 The $1 bracelets I started with:

My embellishments:
Stickers, Glitterific paint, glitter and Elmer's glue, sticky back rhinestones.
I'd add a little extra glue if using puffy stickers.
My best suggestion: The glue and glitter in assorted colors would be the one I'd use for girls. 
Oh and, these would make cute decorated bracelets for 18" American Girl type dolls too.
Stay tuned... I have another craft idea for these favors coming up soon! 

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😉

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  1. Dear Lynn, I love the way your brain works...these are really original and so much fun! I love that you have carved a niche for kids and adults, passing this along to my Grand, and I will put together a package of supplies for her! Too much fun! Sandi

  2. So cute, and not too challenging to gussy them up :)


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