Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Barbie Branded Grills Review -and DIY Kettle Grill from Easter Egg

In real life, some say, I'm a bit of a grill hoarder... I have a big gas grill, Smokey Joe charcoal grill, small pig shaped clay hibatchi and George Foreman grill. And I've even dabbled with a smoker... Now it seems my little obsession has carried over to my Barbie world too:) Years ago, one of the first playsets I picked up was the big gas grill and I'm still very fond of that purchase. It's perfect for summer holiday pics and I do see lots of tailgating in our future -you hear that football??? You'd better be starting back up!

So of course I got excited when I saw the new Smokey Joe type grill playset this year, and yes I did pick one up. Shish-Ka-Bobs are a recurring theme on my other blog, so I'm a sucker... But I have to say 'really Mattel'??? This is so small it's not even hibatchi size in scale. I added it to an on-line order, if I saw it in person I probably would have passed. It's only 1 1/2" wide.

I'm sure I'll work it into photos by sitting it on top of a picnic table, it looks larger closer to the camera...
But I do have to say this is the first playset I've been truly disappointed with.
 No-sew Ken or GI Joe tank top from sock here.

Could I do better?
I did make my own kettle type grill from a large Easter egg and some pipe cleaners here...
While it admittedly needs some work, I do think the scale is pretty close to accurate.

As we're entering summer...
Barbie says, let's fire up the grill and have a happy day😎


  1. Oh, may...what a cute set the hibachi is. I think I may have to find one somewhere. Taking a day off of yard work to play with dolls and do photos---been a dry spell for now, and of course backyard will be a must for the HFIM crew...Enjoy! Sandi

    1. Looking forward to your new post Sandi! Happy Gardening:@)

  2. Hello there. I'm a new subscriber to your blog, but I can't remember who recommended it. The BBQ is cute, but as you said it's a bit too small. Looks a bit more like a portable griddle. The one you made is nice, but you can always try to make another one if you think that's too small.
    Hope you have a nice rest of the week.

    1. So glad you stopped by, I follow you too:@) Have a great week!

  3. That is quite a bitty grill. I have been looking for one but think I will pass on this one. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Chris, yep the big grill is great, small one not so much... Have a nice week:@)


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