Monday, May 27, 2019

Simple Tank Top for Ken from Foot of Sock -DIY, No Sew

Adorable and super easy, I do love this idea folks! This tank top for Ken is literally a two minute project, it only requires a thinner sock and pair of scissors. The stores offer tons of colors and designs on socks these days, so there is no limit to how stylish Ken can be. And this is another affordable group project for a girls crafty Barbie birthday party or sleepover. You can even use stray socks or recycle older socks that are still in fairly decent shape.

I started with a pair of ladies size 6-9 socks from Dollar Tree. There were two pair per pack.

 The tank top only requires four cuts, I think you get the idea from the picture below compared to the one above.
I kept the toe seam on the back of the shirt.
If you want to finish the bottom, cut it a little longer, turn over and hem it.
That way you can be sure the bottom of the shirt won't roll up. I wasn't worried about that.
Note: Be sure to hold your sock with the toe at the top to see if the design will be upside down or not.

The fun thing about this particular shirt, 
I used the leftover foot/toe section from the sock I used for my baby sling for Barbie HERE.
So that's two projects from a 25¢ sock (so far).

 Ken says: If we're done with pictures now... My hot dog is getting cold😧
Using erasers as food props HERE.

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  1. Always great ideas....and I have oodles of socks waiting, after Diva gets her wardrobe!
    Thanks Sandi


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