Saturday, May 30, 2020

No-Sew Ribbon Bathing Suit for Barbie with Optional Ruffle Skirt

Barbie says it's getting hot outside and this easy Bathing Suit is a cute craft for the summer. I made it from ribbon and used hot glue and velcro for the closures. The top gets gathered in the center to create shape and I chose to add a little star button for decoration. This no-sew project comes together in no time and would be great in any color, or you could use a ribbon with with any theme. I do suggest using 7/8"-1" wide ribbon.

  I happened to have some red and white striped ribbon in my stash...
I always love red, white and blue crafts😎

What I did:
My ribbon is 7/8" wide, use up to 1" wide ribbon.
Wrap ribbon around Barbie's waist and wrap/curve it down around her bottom. Cut to fit on an angle.

Slide piece of ribbon between legs and hot glue under front of waistband. 
Wrap around to back and hot glue to inside of back of waistband.
Hot glue velcro to each side of the bottoms for closure.

Wrap ribbon around her chest, over lap in back so you can add velcro, cut ribbon.
Hot glue velcro to each side.
Gather the center in front. You can wrap string or yarn around it, or sew it to bunch it up.

A pic of the back: 

 Want a more discrete look?
Add a simple bathing suit skirt by hot gluing on some ruffle.   


  1. Such great ideas, Lynn. Love the balloon suits, too. We never got our rain, so I HAVE to get into the doll room soon! Fun Post! Sandi

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