Thursday, May 28, 2020

Found- 1:6 Scale (Barbie Size) Printed Fabric at Walmart!

If you've been to the stores lately, you probably noticed that fabric, any fabric, is pretty scarce. Let alone finding perfect 1:6 scale prints! Well, timing is everything... I stopped at Walmart last weekend and they had just put out a display of pre-cut summer prints, some were one yard and some were fat quarters. While I could have picked up a bunch, I limited my purchase to this fantastic picnic print-I LOVE IT! I see a picnic tablecloth and maybe a DIY garden umbrella for the table too. And while it's a little intimidating to me, I'd like to try to make a tropical type button up shirt for Ken:) This fabric is $4.97 a yard.
 As a point of reference, from the top of the handle on the grill to the bottom = 1 1/4".
Watermelon and corn = 3/4", on a powder blue checked background.

 Two more I carried around and ended up putting back... 
They had 6 display boxes on Saturday morning, all sold out by Sunday morning, 
(when I may have gone back looking for the two I put back...).

Is fabric starting to be stocked again?
It's sporadic, I did see some new fat quarters at one Dollar Tree the other day too.
I think it just sells out as quickly as it's stocked. 
And I've mentioned my sewing machine woes... Forget finding a new one of them too!!!

Buy it when you see it folks and have a happy day😉

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