Monday, February 10, 2020

Diamond Mesh Skirt for Barbie -Roaring 20's Flapper or Entertainer Outfit, No-Sew DIY

One of the Barbie blogs I follow mentioned that it's the 20's again and created some amazing outfits depicting that era. This is my little wink and nod to a Flapper Dress from the roaring 1920's. Super simple but just as daring and scandalous! This is another no-sew project that only requires diamond mesh ribbon, hot glue and some velcro.

 I've dressed the doll I've been depicting as a musician and show her about to go onstage to perform some jazz. 
These blingy outfits are great for any special occasion, 
and I could easily see a gold one dancing down the street at Mardi Gras...
 Editorial note:
My model has a princess doll thrift store semi-articulated body, I added a different head.
This body came with blue painted on panties. 
I chose to let that show through the skirt, she ~is~ an entertainer after all😉
Want a more discrete look? Simply glue a little ribbon or fabric under the diamond mesh.

Cut approximate 5 1/4" long piece of diamond mesh ribbon (25 rows) for the waistband.
Cut 3 strips of diamond mesh as long as you'd like for the length of the skirt. Mine are  13 rows each.
Starting at the center of the waistband, hot glue the 3 vertical strips to the waistband.

Hot glue velcro to the ends of the waistband. Make one vertical and one horizontal.

Finish hot gluing three more strips to the waist band, see picture below, you'll want them on a bit of an angle.
I added one individual row on the (pictured) left to help make the skirt a little fuller.

Wrap waistband around doll tightly and secure closed matching the two strips of velcro.
Determine how far up you want to cut the diamond mesh apart, creating 'fringe' for the bottom of the flapper dress. I cut them all the way up to the waistband.

The back of the outfit:

Cut enough ribbon to go around the doll's head.
Cut off two rows and hot glue velcro to each end.
 A picture tutorial for the top can be found here.

Make something just for fun and have a happy day😎

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