Thursday, February 13, 2020

Using Small Craft Bows as Ken Doll Bow Ties (Barbie)

Nothing tickles me more than using something for Barbie play that's not what it's marketed to be... While I'm sad to see AC Moore going out of business, I did spend some time looking through clearance bins the other day. I couldn't believe that the register was ringing up 7¢ on a lot of items. I bought these 1 1/4" left over bows from Halloween and immediately saw Ken size bow ties. Now, that may be because the Academy Awards were just over the weekend, but I'll take inspiration any time I can get it!

And Barbie says she's glad to see Ken all spruced up for their Valentine's Day dinner😉 

 The bows I started with:
 I trimmed the pointed ends off of the purple tie and left them on the yellow tie.
They came with a little sticky dot on the back, I just stuck it to the shirt/doll for my pics. 
You could always add some elastic to go over the doll's head and secure the bow tie for more ~rigorous~ doll play.
 And yes... My Kens need to find a solid white button-up type dress shirt!  
Make something just for fun and have a happy day

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