Saturday, February 8, 2020

Dollar Tree Alert! 1:6 Scale (Barbie Size) Furniture, Barbie Branded Figurines and More...

I had a fun trip to Dollar Tree this morning, and wanted to let everyone know they have some Barbie toys... This furniture is a good size for Barbie dolls, there is a love seat, twin bed, set of two kitchen chairs, tub and toilet. The set in stores now is pink and white, the set from last fall was lavender, blue and white. You can see my post here for more detailed pictures of each piece of furniture.

They also had these little 3"-ish Barbie branded collectible figurines/statues.
There are several different ones (most likely) from the 'you can be anything' theme.
If your girl wants a small Barbie Christmas tree in her room, these figurines would make great,
inexpensive, ornaments.  Then you could fill in with an occasional more expensive Hallmark one.
A baker and baseball player:

Soccer player and ballerina:
There was an astronaut and one or two more careers too.

There were quite a few princess coloring and reading books:

 And some pretty stickers too:

Grab it while you see it and have a happy weekend😉

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  1. What a great find on the furniture. I find all kinds of fun stuff in there.


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