Monday, October 7, 2019

Dollar Tree Alert! Barbie Baby Sled from Ornament

I saw these really cute metal ornaments at Dollar Tree and knew they'd make great sleds for the Barbie babies! And yep, I tucked a baby into my pocket so I could get a couple quick pictures:) They come in red and silver. They really don't need any extra props, except maybe a little blanket, and your kids are all set for doll play. Oh, and I could see a dog sitting in the sled too...

Barbie can pull the sled from the hole in the back (where they tied the twine for hanging to a tree),
or simply add some ribbon to the twirls in the front.
I know that most of us are just getting our first touch of cooler fall weather but...
Ya gotta grab it when you see it folks.
Maybe tuck it away for early December, 
or gift the baby in the sled if your girl is getting one of the babies for Christmas.

Looking for a rainy day craft?
I have a DIY tutorial for a recycled bottle sled here:
Both are neat little sleds for Barbie play

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