Saturday, October 12, 2019

One-Piece Bibbed Felt Barbie Skirt, No Sew Option -Picture Tutorial

Here's a cute idea for a bibbed skirt made from felt, so it costs all of about 25¢. This was a super simple craft that came together in less than an hour. I chose the no-sew option and used my hot glue gun. The real fun comes in decorating and embellishing the outfit. Since it's felt, it lends itself to fall and winter, and since this one is ~dark green~ I was thinking... Eagles football! But of course, it would be perfect for Christmas too. I did end up cutting 1/2" off of the bottom to make the skirt a tad shorter.

My logo was cut out of ribbon and the glitter embellishment was glitter glue.

A side view:

~Please bear with the picture exposures, they were calling for rain, the sun  was in and out...
Lay the felt out with long side towards you. Measure 6" across.
Cut felt in half.
You'll use the 6" piece.

 Fold one of the shorter sides over 3".
As you look at this pic, the 3" side is the back of the dress,
the longer side is the front of the dress.

Find the one inch that is in the center of the fold, measure down 1/2" and draw lines for a rectangle.
This will be the start of the opening for her head.

As neatly as possible, cut out the rectangle of felt. 

Unfold the back, draw straight lines from the square opening up the short side (back of skirt). 

Cut that piece of felt out, this will be the start of the suspenders. 

Leaving about 1/4" of felt on each side of the opening measure down 5", this makes suspenders and bib.
See picture above.
Then draw a line from the bottom of the bib to the outside, this starts forming the skirt. Cut the sides off. 

 Make a cut about 3/4" long 1" from each side.  

Take the front of the skirt, and lay the 3/4" cut of fabric over the back. 
This creates a dart and helps shape the skirt. Hot glue or sew in place. Do that for both sides. 

 Last three steps for skirt, in any order you're comfortable with: 
Add velcro for a closure. Hot glue or sew up the back of the skirt approximately 2 1/2" (I just overlapped the felt). 
Hot glue or sew suspenders to inside of skirt. 

The felt skirt with a bib top before embellishing:  

 And the back:

Barbie says girls like football too😉
Deviled eggs from clay and button-here.

🏈Make something just for fun and GO TEAM!!!

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