Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Clay Fall Leaf Serving Platter or Dish for Barbie -DIY

While taking a walk one morning I noticed a bunch of itty-tiny acorns laying in the road... And while not 100% Barbie size (they are about 10mm), I still thought they'd be fun props for a fall Barbie craft. So I took inspiration from blogger Purple Hues and Me ~here~ and created an oak leaf platter for Barbie from clay. I pulled up some images of leaves on the computer and had a little fun using items from my craft stash.

I used bold red, yellow, orange and brown acrylic paint.
And when that dried, finished the dish with a few squirts of gold metallic spray paint to tone it down a bit.

  1. I had a 1" block of the clay you bake, and free formed it into an approximate 1/4" thick oak leaf. From stem to tip it's 2 1/2" long and 1 3/4" at the widest part. 
  2. Used a toothpick to make the veins and placed toothpicks under the leaf tips (before baking) so they'd be curled up a bit. 
  3. Baked it at 270 degrees for 10 minutes, and left it in the oven as the oven came to room temperature. (My counter top oven doesn't have the recommended 275 degree setting.)
  4. Once cool, gave the veins a light sanding with a nail file.
  5. Then painted it fall colors. Don't have craft paint in fall colors? Since nobody will actually be eating off of this platter, you could use nail polish in a pinch.
  6. My final touch, I gave it a few quick spritzes of gold spray paint.
Barbie says she loves her new seasonal platter and may even use it on her Thanksgiving buffet!

~Make something just for fun and have a happy fall🍂

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  1. Very cute....and a great project for kids! I've even used some playdough dried for barbie items!

  2. I LOVE your mini version of Gail's Fall leaf plate - so adorable! Excited to find your blog from the Morning Cup of Joe party. I'm currently doing a dollhouse for my granddaughter and delighted to see so much inspiration here!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you stopped by:)


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