Sunday, September 1, 2019

Baby Playpen or Dog Kennel/Crate from Recycled Square Plastic Bottle for Barbie -DIY

This Barbie baby playpen or puppy kennel/crate is a great way to recycle and repurpose an empty square peroxide or alcohol bottle. I liked that peroxide comes in a brown bottle, no painting necessary. This is a cute little craft that was complete in less than an hour. Of course the more precisely you make the cuts, the neater it will look... But I think it turned out kinda cute for a quick craft!

I used hot glue, super glue or some other clear glue might be a better choice.

Or kennel/crate.

I started with an empty square plastic bottle.
Remove as much of the labels and glue as possible.

Measure up the side about 3 1/2" and cut top off of bottle.
Then cut down the corners. The bottle is shaped so you'll see the outline of where to cut.

Then cut skinny slats and remove the center pieces.

Cut the square top off of the top of the bottle.

Slip the top over the sides and slats and glue in place.
I glued each slat to the top too.

The scissors I used:


  1. Ha, ha...This is so cute...not a kennel for the dog, but the kid. I had two boys and I know exactly why you need this!

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