Saturday, September 7, 2019

Jack-O-Lantern or Pumpkin Outfit from Balloon for Kelly or Chelsea Doll (Barbie)

All that's required for this cute little pumpkin outfit for Kelly is a 12" orange balloon, scissors and a black Sharpie marker. Oh, and maybe two minutes of your time:) Dollar Tree, Walmart or Party City should have packs of all orange balloons if you need a few for a Halloween party or sleepover craft. You might even be able to find a pack of Halloween balloons that already have the Jack-O-Lantern face on them. This is the sort of silly, seasonal craft I love folks!

I've shortened the instructions:
Draw face on 12" balloon (or buy balloons that already have faces-even better).
Cut off neck of balloon, cut arm holes, cut slit in bottom.

And while we're gathering Barbie ideas for Halloween crafts, 


  1. cute, I may make one for the meeting this week (candy girl)

  2. Have fun, I look forward to seeing what you make:)

  3. Oh that's darling! Thanks for sharing the fun!


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