Friday, August 30, 2019

Biker Babs Says... Happy Labor Day Weekend!

This silly Biker Babs post is all about thinking 'outside of the pink'... I'm always looking for items and toys, not marketed for Barbie, that are close to 1:6 scale to use ~with~ Barbie. I grabbed this $1 Motorcycle the minute I saw it at Dollar Tree. Depending upon just how bendable/poseable your Barbie doll is... This might be best suited for Skipper sized dolls. But then, I've seen some huge guys zip by me on the way to work on bikes that appear to be much smaller than this one!
No helmet?
Yep, they don't need to wear one here in Pennsylvania...

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone,
-I Hope Your Destination Leads To Lots Of Fun😎

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