Sunday, August 25, 2019

Campfire or Fire Pit for Barbie from Sticks and Bump Chenille Pipe Cleaners -DIY

Barbie says there's nothing better than spending time outdoors in the fall, and everyone enjoys a campfire! This one came together in minutes, and is a kid friendly craft that would be a cute little prop for doll play and pictures. All it takes is a jar lid and some pipe cleaners.

I started with the cap from a jar of peanut butter and sprayed it a couple times with black spray paint.
I had some metallic eyelash yarn in my stash and glued it to the bottom, thought it might add a little shine.
You could also lay some tinsel or shiny pipe cleaners in the bottom if desired.

Also gave it a sprinkle of chunky gold glitter. 

Stacked up some dried twigs from the yard as logs, 
adding orange and yellow bump chenille pipe cleaners to look like flames around or between some twigs.  
I hot glued them in place. You could also wrap some wire around them.

When done, I gave it one last sprinkle of chunky gold glitter.

The only thing missing... Some itty-bitty 'smores😎


  1. This is awesome! So creative. First time visiting. You have a new fan!



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