Thursday, April 25, 2019

Handwoven Mexican Poncho or Serape for Barbie -DIY

Barbie's getting ready for Cinco de Mayo! Now that she's dressed up in this Hand Woven Mexican Poncho or Serape all she needs is a margarita! Well, I'm sure a taco wouldn't be bad either. The only supplies needed for this Poncho are yarn, a piece of cardboard and a wide eyed plastic yarn needle. This is an easy project that kids can make for themselves and thicker yarns help speed it along:)


  1. Oh, I might take a lazier way out on this one---and cut up some thrift store--napkins or placemats. I actually bought some for a Over South of the border theme---I think that might be politically correct???

    Great idea for kids though----learning to weave is something everyone should know---every kid I know gets a potholder frame sometime in their life.


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