Monday, April 22, 2019

Hula Skirt from Recycled Plastic Bags

In honor of Earth Day I thought I'd share one of my very first Barbie posts...

Aloha! This Barbie came with a bathing suit so I thought a Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt would be a cute-free-quick craft. I like that kind:@) And if you already have an elastic ponytail band to donate to the project it's even faster! This skirt just loves to blow in the wind.
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Recycled Plastic Bag Hula Skirt for Barbie
You will need:
a ponytail band or piece of elastic wide enough to fit over the doll's hips
tan (or color of choice) plastic bag

1. Start by flattening your grocery bag (you'll only need one and probably won't use all of it).
2. Cut the handles straight off, and the bottom straight off. Click the picture to make it bigger.
3.Cut the bag in half vertically and begin making strips. I aimed for about 1/4" wide.

4. If you don't have a ponytail band tie a piece of elastic into a circle big enough to fit over the doll's hips.
5. Since my elastic was thick I wrapped the two ends in some masking tape and trimmed the excess. If your elastic is thin just tie the loose ends in with the band as you add the strips.

6. Begin tying the strips onto the elastic with a double knot. (Bring the sides of the plastic up evenly around the elastic.) Don't pull the plastic to tight, it can break. Keep pushing it to one side to completely cover the elastic band.
7. Every once in a while twist the knots to point downward and when finished make them all point downward.
8. If necessary give the bottom a little trim to even the skirt out a bit.
 And here's a little surprise I noticed when the skirt was done, the recycling logo-I love it!
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I also added a 'coconut' top from peanut shells HERE:@)

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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