Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Barbie Shark Week 2023 -Shark Tank Petting Zoo

Each year I try to come up with a theme'd post for Shark Week, in 2023 it starts this Sunday, July 23rd. I'm posting this a little early because there's a lot going on right now (everything in one week), 21-The Movie, 23-Shark Week, 25-Christmas in July... Whew...
Barbie and Ken are on their summer vacation and this year the resort has a shark tank petting zoo! Baby sharks swimming around, and yep, folks could try to pet them. Barbie says she thinks baby sharks are still cute:@) 

But cute or not...
Ken was kinda like... Ah, no.
One thing I read said they feel like sandpaper,
another said going from head to tail they are smooth.
Wouldn't know, I'm on Team Ken...
You go Barbie😉
Background is a calendar page.
Pool and sand from Dollar Tree.
Icee = Mini Brands.

And the sharks...
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🦈Enjoy Shark Week and
Have a happy day😎

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