Friday, July 22, 2022

Barbie's Shark Week 2022 -Jello Waves of Fun #SharkWeek

While it's never easy to find the date until it's upon us (for some reason?), it looks like Discovery Channel's Shark Week will start on Sunday, July 24th. And for this year's contribution... We have Barbie swimming in a sea of blue and green Jello Jigglers, with white Cool Whip foam, as ~cue the music~... The shark stealthily comes into view. 

My doll is a Wilton cake topper,
and the shark is a rubber finger puppet from Walmart.

My dish is vintage milk glass,
I thought the fun edge would be a wink and nod to waves breaking and splashes...

Barbie says enjoy watching the shows!

Previous Shark Week Posts: 2020 & 2021

~Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐟

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  1. I like the bowl- at first I wondered how you got the spray of foam

  2. Great post! I only wish the shark was eatable! I would love to eat the shark!


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