Monday, May 22, 2023

Barbie Size Swimming Pool at Dollar Tree 1:6 Scale

I was tickled to see a little 1:6 Scale pool at Dollar Tree, expanding their summer outdoor furniture and activities theme. I love the steps/seating in the pool. But make no mistake, this is a one doll pool, unless you're using Kelly or Chelsea size dolls. And yes, the picnic table with chairs and umbrella are out again this year. This particular series is made in the USA, which is a nice touch too:@)

The pool holds a little over a cup of water. It's built with a lip so it can be flush with the ground if you'd like to create an in-ground pool or spa diorama.

The packaging:

Barbie says,
let's all stay cool this summer😎

Grab it when you see it,
and have a happy day😊

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  1. In totally love their furniture---great place to start being creative!


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