Sunday, March 26, 2023

Recycled Candy Container Bunny Ears Hairband for Barbie

Last year I made a quick Bunny Ears Visor for Barbie and while it is cute, it dawned on me that maybe everyone doesn't have a visor... So I turned it into a cute head wrap that goes around her head and holds Barbie's hair back. All this requires is a little ribbon (or yarn) and wa-la, here we have a super cute Easter hairpiece. 

Fits any Barbie,
Bubble Gum Pink Hair Curvy Fashionista is our model today.

✂What I did:
The stopper out of the package:

Cut the bottom off with sturdy shears. Scissors will work, but not as easily.

The shears I used, I do highly recommend getting a pair or two:

Cut two pieces of thin ribbon, about 20" long each.
Wrap one around lip of bottom of ears and tie in a knot. Push knot to side of ears.
Tie the second ribbon the same way, adjust knot to the other side of the ears.
Pull hair up, tie both sides of ribbon under hair to pull off sides of face.
Trim ends of ribbon as desired.
Adjust ears on top of doll's head.

Side pic to show ribbon under hair.

Some of the toppers I've seen:
There is also a cute green carrot topper at Dollar Tree.

Barbie says tuck the craft ideas away,
Easter will be here soon!

Let's recycle creatively and have a happy day🐰

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