Saturday, February 27, 2021

Barbie Bunny Ears from Recycled Candy Container -DIY

As we get closer to spring and the stores start to put out Easter items my thoughts turn to... Bunny Ears:@) I love the holiday tubes of candy that have figural plastic stoppers and always try to think of ways to recycle the tops for Barbie (like this Jack-O-Lantern here). The great thing about the candy containers pictured below is, this is a thinner plastic so it's easier to cut. 

I used the smaller $1 Reece's Pieces candy, there are larger $2 containers too.

The other options, love the bent ear!

And slightly larger yellow ears:

What I did:
The stopper out of the package:

Cut the bottom off with sturdy shears. Scissors will work, but not as easily.

The shears I used, I do highly recommend getting a pair or two:

You have options for how to make it fit on the doll's head...
You can glue ribbon to the inside and make it long enough to tie under her chin (cute for the kid dolls).
You can glue the ears to a recycled bottle ring to create a headband.
You could make two little holes above the rim, open a bobby pin and push one side through the hole,
then through the doll's hair.

I actually had a couple yellow visors, so I hot glued the ears onto the upper edge of the brim.
Also thought they'd be cute on an angle...
Wa-La, Bunny Ears😎

And after Easter, 
the hot glue peels off and the visor is ready for spring and summer fun!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day🐰

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  1. Totally cute, loving the options you give. I just can't do spring with all the snow on the ground and freezing temps...sigh!

  2. You are so creative! Now Barbie can be in an Easter parade! Have a great weekend.


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