Tuesday, July 19, 2022

18" Doll Toys for Barbie's World -Props and Play

I look at the My Life 18" doll toys every time I go to Walmart, and keep thinking a lot of those items are more 1:6 scale for Barbie's world. The farm to table set caught my eye right away, I knew it would be a good addition to Cousin Rube's farm. It was reduced $3, which made it less than a Barbie play set, so I picked it up. Here Rube and Reenee show how great it looks...

The scale, corn, carrots (tomato plant above) and cabbage are perfect!

What came in the pack:
The cash box can be used for anything, and the wood look crate is great. Peppers and peaches are large, but can be used as store props. The eggs are large, but I'm thinking about making a sign that says 'duck eggs' and using them. Berry box will work, have you seen the size of some New Jersey blueberries?!?!? And I just ~had~ to have the tomato plant:@)

Another set that's pretty much perfect is the pizza oven. I know Mattel has a Barbie pizza set,
but I think this one is a better scale. (Barbie added as example for size.) The pizzas, tools, plates, and about 90% of everything is a good 1:6 scale. I haven't picked this one up (yet)😉 But I do think a brick wood fired pizza oven does work well with Rube's farm theme.

Reenee says, think outside of the pink when looking for Barbie props, eat your veggies...

And have a happy day😊


  1. So many cute sets for Barbie and friends! I was always envious of my best friend's dream house, etc. so we have loads of Barbie loot in storage that was Katie's. :)

  2. These are new playsets from My Life! I will have to get to Walmart!

  3. Great finds. I'm always searching for deals for the doll donations. Your suggestions of where to look are always helpful!!!


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