Thursday, March 10, 2022

Dollar Tree Alert! More 1:6 Scale Outdoor Furniture (Barbie Size)

I was tickled to see some new outdoor furniture at Dollar Tree today, they are just starting to put it out. While the last series was fun, it had more of a wooden Adirondack yard furniture or cabin look. This new set is more of pool or resort style. Love-love-love the white! Only wish they used that for the table tops too... As you can see the chairs are a great size, even fit the male dolls well. Perfect length on the lounge chair. There was also a gas grill, I left that behind, looked fine, but I already have several Mattel grills. 

Two chairs come with the picnic table. 
Side table comes with the lounge chair.
Umbrella is all by itself, as is the grill.
Full set would be $5.

All furniture snaps together in minutes.

Grab it when you see it!
Let's look forward to nicer weather, 
and have a happy day😎

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