Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Barbie Ribbon Shawl for St. Patrick's Day -or any day

As soon as bloggy buddy Sandi mentioned creating ruffles from wire edge ribbon, I knew I'd have to try it:@) So I thought it would be cute to create a simple shawl for Barbie, or Curvy Barbie, to wear to the St. Patrick's Day parade... The key is to use ribbon that's at least 2 1/2" wide. This covers the shoulders nicely and adds a little drape. I secured the gather closed with some beads. 

Of course this shawl can be made for any time of year or occasion.
Some of the Spring ribbon I saw at Dollar Tree...
St. Pat's (there was a solid dark green too):

and Easter:

✂What I did:
  1. Hold wire on one side of ribbon and push it to create a gather.
  2. Once you see how full you'd like the shawl (try it on doll), I'm guessing 10" is more than enough, cut the ribbon. I used pinking shears, I do think either sewing or gluing a hem on each open side would be neater.
  3. To secure the gather: I pushed the wire through a bead, ran the wire through the hole a couple times, and then cut the wire. 
  4. For the other side, I bent the excess wire into a couple circles and made them lay flat. Then hot glued the shamrock accent beads over that.
  5. I'm using the wire to shape and hold the shawl on her shoulders. You may want to hot glue or sew a thinner ribbon around the top so it can be tied on for more rigorous doll play
Wrap around Barbie's shoulders, shape shawl and enjoy the parade!

🍀Make something just for fun and have a happy day🍀

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  1. Very cute and I love that you made the shawl with ribbon which offers so many seasonal versions.


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