Thursday, November 18, 2021

Barbie's Thanksgiving 2021 -Ken Greets the Guests (and Ornament #4)

Barbie and Ken were excited to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and when folks asked what they could bring... Barbie's response was, whatever, and whoever, you'd like to, thank you! This created quite an eclectic mix of good friends, great food, and it was a holiday to remember:@) While Barbie was busy basting the turkey, Ken greeted the guests as they arrived...
Notoriously early, 
Barbie's best friend Midge arrives with the centerpiece, some extra chairs, 
and to see how she can help in the kitchen.

The girls that live down the block did some baking,
they brought apple pie and sugar cookies.

Cousin Rube has a fresh wreath and a bottle of homemade wine from the farm...
-Always welcome😎

The appys have finally arrived! A Crock Pot of meatballs.
As Ken bends in to kiss her cheek hello...
Yes folks, Ken really likes those meatballs!

Some already have their hands full,
and had a fruit tray delivered this morning.

And finally...
An old college buddy shows up unexpectedly.
~Maybe~ Barbie invited him as a surprise for Ken😉

✂Links to DIY crafts:

Basket of cut out sugar cookies = $1 thrift store Hallmark ornament dated 1994.
I was curious to see how many Christmas ornaments I could find in 2021 for Barbie props, 
this is #4. # 1 here, #2 and 3 here.

However you spend your Thanksgiving this year,
DIY Barbie Blog wishes you a peaceful day, and a full plate of good food!
I am truly thankful for your visits, 
enjoy the day:@)


  1. Oh my gosh Lynn, that was too fun! I loved seeing all the guests and the reactions!! Looks like Barbie and Ken are having a great Thanksgiving. 🍂🦃🍁

  2. What a fun post Lynn, your Barbie creations always amaze me!! Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

    1. Hello, yes we will be eating at my house this year:@)

  3. Oh, I love all the interaction, Lynn. Really this is what real life is like. Great ideas for gifts...Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. This is brilliant, so much fun! Cousin Rube looks suspiciously like Hagrid - just saying! Love this, thank you :-)


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