Monday, November 15, 2021

Barbie Turtleneck Top and Skirt from $1 Socks -Easy Free Pattern

I saw a cute little sweater outfit at Walmart and thought it might translate into an easy Barbie craft... Add in a pair of Dollar Tree socks (Christmas clearance last year) and here we have a short sleeved turtleneck top and matching sweater skirt. This project only requires four seams, a couple cuts and about 15 minutes of your time:@) You could always hem the top and skirt too if desired. My favorite part is the fabulous turtleneck collar!

This was how it looked when I was done...
I decided the pink on the bottom of the shirt needed to be trimmed.
It looks much neater in the picture above.
As always, a solid or abstract pattern might be best so the design placement doesn't matter.
But overall, I think it turned out pretty well😉

What I did:
Skirt: Seams are pretty straight forward, pic on left. 
(After sewing the one on the right I decided I wanted the waist band to be a little tighter, 
that's why there are two seams shown.)
Top: Sew straight down the elastic band, 
come down ~below~ the band and sew at a right angle over to the sides.
Be sure to back stitch all seams.

Cut each piece as shown, and add a small arm hole on each side a little below the shoulder seams.

Hem bottoms if desired.
Turn right side out, push shoulder seams out to the sides creating right angles.
Dress doll, and smile!
This could be a fun sleepover craft
let the girls pick out their socks and then you can be a rock star and make the clothes😎
Or how about giving your girl a pair of socks and Barbie outfit that matches...

My inspiration:

Barbie says she loves this look...
It's great for work, play, or a holiday party!

✂Make something just for fun and have a happy day😊

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  1. Super cute and so easy! I really have to find some time to sew!!!

  2. Lynn, this is so clever!!! How you made the turtleneck is awesome!

  3. What a clever idea and now I need to go shopping at the dollar store before the kids Christmas socks are all picked over!


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