Monday, November 1, 2021

Barbie Winter Hat Craft Round-Up, and a no brainer...

As the temperatures get cooler, I thought it might be fun to group my Barbie and Ken hat posts to date. All are pretty simple projects (some only require a pair of scissors and literally take a minute), and there are a couple free crochet and sewing pattern links below. The hats are cute projects kids can help make, or they can be stocking stuffers for Christmas. 

As for my no-brainer...
The Santa hats from Dollar Tree wine bags are adorable and fit the dolls perfectly🎅
Let's all stay warm and cozy, and have a happy day

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  1. These are all great, I did snag 3 target sweaters, passed on the wreath one...other than that, I'm going to make all the accessories this year! Hugs, for the incentives here!

  2. These are all great hat ideas and the garlic bag mesh one is very clever!


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