Thursday, May 30, 2019

Recycled Mesh Garlic Bag Hair Saver for Barbie or Beanie Cap for Ken

If there are Barbies (or Ken dolls with hair that's not painted on) in your life you know their hair can quickly become a hot mess unruly... I love the idea of recycling garlic bags as hair savers, it works especially well with straight hair dolls and is really great at keeping bangs in place! This is a simple no-sew project that only requires a pair of scissors. It works well with either long or short hair.

 Here I'm showing it on one of the heads I change out onto an articulated body for pictures.

A second cute idea, they make fun mesh summer caps for Ken too😎
I left the bunched top long and cut it several times to fray it open a bit, 
you could also cut that off and leave the knot to look like a pom-pom.
Simply roll the rim up a couple times and slip onto Ken's head or...

For a different look, cut it short enough to fit over his head as is.

This is the type of garlic bag I used:

♻Let's recycle creatively and have a happy day!

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