Saturday, January 9, 2021

Christmas Clearance for Barbie Props -1:6 Scale DIY Craft Ideas

My observation this holiday season was, my local Walmart, 1. didn't carry as much Christmas merchandise as usual, and 2. what they did have sold out pretty quickly before Christmas (I picked up the poodle ornament as soon as it came out). But that didn't stop me from searching the stores the last couple weekends hoping to pick-up an item or two for doll play:@) Everything was 75-90% off. The glittered B ornament cost 9¢ and I thought it might make a fun art piece for Barbie. 

And the winter scene on the side table is a de-constructed clearance ornament. 
I cut the deer and bottle brush tree center piece from a broken ornament, 
trimmed it and placed it inside the lid from a bottle.

The 9¢ ornament I started with:

I thought these foil circles might make neat abstract wall art pieces too,
or food platters:

Love the starburst lights below and I have a fun idea for them coming up...
Grabbed the other set because it was marked down and I'm sure I'll use them.

Snow, because, well... It's still winter!
Same idea, I thought the ice pond might come in handy for pictures.

Frosted, iced and glittered floral picks:

These socks were from Dollar Tree, I loved the colors and Nordic design.
I'm hoping to create a tutorial showing how to turn them into a turtle neck sweater for Barbie...
We'll see how that goes๐Ÿ˜‰

So that's what I found this year folks.
Barbie asks:
Did you find anything fun on Christmas clearance?

Grab it when you see it and have a happy weekend๐Ÿ˜Š


  1. ah...totally agreed with you on the poodle, I got the last one I ever saw in Pink(which I hate) but it was darling on my Barbie Tree. I agree, you have to buy when you see something. I had more luck at the thrift stores when I did go out...and I also have a stack of socks to make sweaters...and have yet to do it. Thanks for the reminder...LOL. Sandi---so glad to get your emails again!

    1. I hope you post pics of your Barbie tree next Christmas Sandi, would love to see it:@)


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