Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Chelsea (Barbie) Tiki Hut Playset Makeover into Doll Tiki Bar

As soon as I saw the Chelsea tiki hut playset I had a feeling it could look a little more grown-up and like a tiki bar with just a few extra touches. What I loved about it the most was the brown wood and tan thatched roof, a great starting point. Not as thrilled about the hot pink countertop, but I ran with it saying to myself "it's a tropical vacation look"... Not huge, but not a bad size at almost 6" across the front and almost 11" tall at the peak. Is it to scale for Barbie and Ken? No. Could I make it work for pics if they were sitting in low chairs? Yes. But I decided some risers would be best, that way a doll could stand, one could sit and one could be behind the bar. 
Wooden blocks that were glued together act as risers and add some height (could still use a bit more...).
A Dollar Tree hula skirt was perfect for the thatched roof and front of the bar.
Battery operated LED wire lights (Christmas clearance) create some party ambience. 
I wrapped them around a knitting needle to create a coil and laid them across the top, 
that way they can be removed and used for other scenes and seasons as needed.

Blender and hanging lantern are Christmas ornaments.
Ocean view is a calendar page.

What I started with:

The Playset Extras: 
The hanging chair is cute but the idea is for it to hang behind the counter... Would have been better with a hook off to the side of the hut as extra seating. I may use the chair for ~something~ down the road (maybe in the game room/fan cave). 
Also has a palm frond ceiling fan-love that idea, but it's hot pink? I also wanted to use bigger dolls, there's no room for the fan anyway. 
And the hammock and sandbox are cool (Chelsea size), I added them to my box of outdoor items to use as inspiration strikes me.

A peek behind the scene...

As you can see, there are limitations to what I can do with this sort of set-up...
Could only get one doll seated in front because my ocean pic is only about 12" wide:

But even relaxing alone...
Barbie says yes, doll life is good๐Ÿ˜Ž

Whether the tiki bar of your dreams is on an island paradise, 
at the shore, lake front, or in your own backyard...
We wish you a cool place to hang out for these last few weeks of summer๐Ÿ˜‰
๐ŸŒดMake something just for fun and have a happy day!

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  1. This is very cute..and working very well with your dolls. And, I'm with you on natural colors...No one sane lives in a Pink world who is over the age of cute photos and fun project! Sandi


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