Sunday, September 15, 2019

Illuminated Jack-O-Lantern from Dollar Store Recycled Pumpkin Candy Container for Barbie -DIY

This light-up Jack-O-Lantern is a fun way to recycle the pumpkin topper from a Dollar Tree tube of candy corn. I love that the scale of the pumpkin is perfect for Barbie:) I also love that the tealight gives it a fun glow.
Note: I'll be posting Halloween ideas early while we can still get the supplies at the stores, 
retail has already begun moving into Christmas...

 I started with the candy and some battery operated tealights.

The pumpkin topper.
I wasn't expecting the stopper to be that long and didn't think it would be closed on the bottom.
 He's laughing at me because this turned into a more involved project than anticipated...

I'm guessing the correct tool for the job of cutting the stopper off would be a Dremel?
Any other ideas?
I used my sturdy shears and kept running them around (scoring) the stopper until I could cut it off.
Ha, I did get the last laugh after all😉

Trim the bottom as evenly as possible and hot glue or super glue to the tealight.

From here, you could leave as is or embellish as desired.
I added a little harlequin washi tape and sparkly purple diamond mesh bling😎

Barbie says she's ready for trick-or-treaters now🍭

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  1. Fun idea, I'm goin to have to make some! can use a coping saw on smaller pieces of plastic. Sometimes on harder plastic the dremel, melts it before it cuts!


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