Monday, January 25, 2021

Spring Holiday Items for Barbie's World-at the stores

I wanted to pop in with a quick post showing a few things I saw at Walmart that would work as Barbie props and toys. While I was trying to look at non-doll marketed items through a 1:6 scale lens, my Walmart did just restock with the latest dolls and Mattel playsets. There were 10-12 new clothing items/sets too, with at least half for Ken. Sport outfits: There was an ice skating outfit for Barbie with skates, and basketball uniform for Ken, both with cute trophies. I'll share a couple fun things I picked up at the end. 

Super Bowl and Valentine's Day:
Nerf football with goal post (and gummy heart candy)
The football is just a tad larger than true 1:6 scale, but would still work great for Ken...

Velvet heart boxes
They would make cute ottomans or chair seats.
Bonus, extra storage space.

And Barbie would ~love~ to wear one of these gemstone brooches as a crown on Valentine's Day,
or her birthday which is March 9thπŸ˜‰

Cute bunny outfit for Barbie baby, this is one of the $2.97 packs.
Grab it now for Easter baskets folks, they're going fast!
We might try to DIY this one... We'll see😏

Cinco de Mayo:
Paper sombreros, just a tad big, but a cotton ball or two inside the hat would work fine!

What did I get?
Fashionista marked down to $1

Totally Tiny French Breakfast Food Set marked down to $1 
(Slime packet immediately disposed of.)
Love the French press coffee maker and cheese with grapes.

And my favorite, a (working) $10 Barbie Foosball Table Playset!
More to come about this shortly... Stay tunedπŸ˜‰

Have you seen anything fun at the stores lately?
~Have a happy day😊

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