Thursday, January 7, 2021

Hooded Scarf for Barbie -Free Crochet Pattern, Beginner

Weather Channel Update: It's snowing heavily right now in Philly, crazy windy, we're expecting about 10" today and predict lots of shoveling. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog:

This Hooded Scarf for Barbie was a fun little snowy day project and one a girl can probably complete for herself. It's made in two rectangular pieces using all single crochet, and the crazier the yarn the better... (Barbie's lovin' this funky multi-colored synthetic wool/angora looking fuzzy blend:@) Wouldn't it be great to make one for a girl and a matching one for her doll-I love that!
Click HERE for the sweater from a stretchy glove tutorial.

Yep, the photo shoot was outside during the snow storm,
Barbie didn't think it was a good idea, but she did dry off... eventually:@)

Hooded Scarf for Barbie
H hook, keep stitches loose, I chose to crochet in the top loop only.
Chain 51
Row 1~ SC in first stitch from hook, SC across
Row 2-3~ Chain 1, turn, SC across. My scarf is approximately 12" long and a little under 1" wide. Cut yarn and tie off. Note: You might want to make the scarf 4 rows wide, it depends on the yarn you use.

Chain 22
Row 1~ SC in first stitch from hook, SC across
Row 2-7~ Chain 1, turn, SC across. This rectangle should be approximately 5"x2 1/4". Cut yarn and tie off.
  1. Fold the hood in half longways (fold the 5" side in half like a book), right sides together. Sew one 5" side closed. This creates the seam in the back of the hood and the point on top of the hood.
  2. Center the bottom of the hood on the scarf, right sides together. Sew the hood to the scarf.
  3. Weave in your ends-done!

Make something just for fun and have a happy day

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