Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Barbie Size Christmas Gnome -1:6 Scale DIY

Walmart had some Barbie size mini gnome ornaments this year, they were cute and came in a four pack. But by the time I decided to get them, the red ones were sold out. So I decided to make one instead, using scrap items from my crafting stash... These little guys can be Christmas decorations or pillows for doll houses and dioramas. This is just a silly little holiday project that was fun to make!

He's 2 1/2" tall from bottom to to the bend in his hat. 
This is a good size if you'd like to make some as Christmas tree ornaments for gifts too.
Barbie says...
Tis the season for whatever makes you smile๐Ÿ˜‰

What I did:
  1. Cut a 3" circle of fabric for the body, I used felt
  2. Sew 1/4" from edge all around circle, keep stitches wide, maybe 1/4" apart.
  3. Tug two ends of thread to begin to close the circle, add a cotton ball or some batting to inside to create the body.
  4. Cut the hat: Fold the felt over 1 1/2". Measure 4" up the fold, make a mark. Draw line from the 1 1/2" to the 4" point, cut triangle out.
  5. Carefully hot glue the triangle into a cone shaped hat.
  6. Optional: Fold a pipe cleaner in half to add to inside of hat so you can bend the hat. Cut to size.
  7. Set hat aside.
  8. The beard: If you have something that resembles long hair in your stash, you win the craft wars:@) I used yarn. I gathered it back a forth about 12 times, making 2" long loops I could cut to size later. 
  9. Hot glue the gathered yarn to the gathered opening of the body. This will later be covered by the hat.
  10. Trim the bottom of the yarn about 1/2" longer than the body. Now, this is your gnome to make look how you'd like... You can leave the yarn as is, or I chose to untwist each strand, kind of giving him curly hair.
  11. Pull the beard towards the center to neaten it, hot glue the hat to the head. Start over the beard and pull the hat down a little in the back to cover part of his back. 
  12. Hot glue small pom-pom to center of beard, slightly touching bottom of hat.
  13. Trim yarn to shape the beard and make it the length you want.
  14. Bend hat (if using the pipe cleaner in center of hat).
  15. Optional: Glue or sew a small button, bell, sequin, etc. to point of hat.

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  1. He's adorable...I did snag one set of the WMart gnomes, they are adorable, and haven't made it into the HFIM house yet. This is great for next year...always a year behind here, lol. Sandi


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