Thursday, December 10, 2020

Barbie's Hallmark Christmas Movie Day! 1:6 Scale Thrift Store Ornaments as Doll Props

You never know what you'll find when the thrift stores start putting out Christmas ornaments! My favorite purchase of the day... These knit stockings for 50¢. After making sure they were open like real socks I picked them up. Now Barbie will be cozy and warm lounging around the house watching Christmas movies.

I also picked up the books in the background figuring I could set them on a side table in the livingroom. The Barbie branded 40th Anniversary ornament is flat, I thought it would work as a picture hanging on a wall. Both were $1. 

Barbie says, 
be sure to treat yourself to a relaxing afternoon every once in a while this holiday season!
Oh and, don't forget the tissues😉

Grab it when you see it and have a happy day🎅

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  1. Hi, Lynn. I totally can't give up my thrift stores, though I only go once aweek. Our Goodwill is 'air' sanitizing the entire store every morning---so getting there early is a good idea. They are taking more care than other businesses. Our Dollar Tree is small, so I have to travel to find a large one---the drink is adorable, and I would have bought a bunch! Hugs, great ideas! Sandi

  2. Now that's super cute!!! I've been turning to Hallmark movies myself to escape the news reports! Have a great weekend.


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