Saturday, August 8, 2020

Dollar Tree Alert! Barbie Accessory Packs and Pets

Just popping in to mention I found some more Barbie branded items at Dollar Tree this morning. I only came home with the headband pack, I'm just a sucker for glasses... Even ones Mattel could have made better... Two pair of glasses, two necklaces and two headbands. I don't know what store they may have come from, I've never seen these sets at Walmart.

The rest of the sets... sorry about the flash, but I just lined them up for a few quick pics at the store.

And the pets:
Have a great weekend😊


  1. Oh, darn, I never get THAT lucky. Great accessories and the critters are cute, also.
    Fun, Sandi

  2. Lovely accessories! We have nothing here usually, the Barbie isles are really sad looking in our stores. ;)

    1. Our shelves have been pretty empty too, it's nice to get lucky every once in a while:@)


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