Friday, July 24, 2020

Christmas in July! Two Sided Barbie Throw Pillow DIY & 1:6 Scale Holiday Fabric at Walmart

I wanted to share an easy idea to add a quick seasonal and holiday flare to doll play, pictures and dioramas... When making a throw pillow, use a different design for each side. Here I used my gifted Barbie profile print on the left, and when you flip the pillow... Santa! They can be any shape, round, square or rectangular. This also works if you'd like to have different color options, or stripes and checks, etc. Barbie says a girl can never have too many decorating options!
Double the look for half the storage space😉
My best suggestion: A stuffed square is always the best bet.
Round two sided pillow tutorial.

Walmart had an end display of fall, Halloween and Christmas fabric the other day. There were several Barbie size prints that would be perfect for doll fashions and crafts. I came home with this candy cane stripe and a really neat, abstract print in Halloween colors. They had both fat quarters and pre-cut yards. It's really nice to see fabric again!

There were also several plaids and other designs in ~pretty close to~ the correct scale.

And some of the Christmas options:

Do you like Christmas in July?
I love it!
Have a happy day🎅🌴

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  1. Hi, Lynn! Yes, I like the idea of Christmas in July. It's fun to get a start on the holidays - plus, it's like having the best parts of Christmas twice ;-)

  2. I love the fabric quarters from Wally World. Our store often loses them, and they don't get out in time, and then they are 35-50cents each when they are finally out and out of season. Plus the quality of the fabric is usually excellent! Love the little Santa pillow, so retro...too. Sandi


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