Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Barbie Size Food Props, Glass Bottles & More -Dollar Tree Alert!

I donned my mask and gloves and did a quick run through Dollar Tree the other day. In addition to the sparkle yarn, they had a good supply of other craft items and some tasty Barbie size food props too:) Barbie says, won't you please have a seat and join me for lunch...

I've shared the idea of using erasers as food props and toys for Barbie a while ago. At that time, that pack came with one slice of pizza, now we have the whole pie😀
Pizza with pickles??? I hear it's a thing...

They had these Barbie size treats in with the fairy garden things. If the world was more ~normal~ I would have taken my time and paid more attention to the paint job... I used some shiny pink nail polish for a quick fix on the ice cream soda and might add a little glitter down the road too.
As for the one with a candy cane, 
I plan to paint the glass green and I'll just tuck that one away for a few months😎

I also picked up a fun pool float with palm tree,
and great little glass bottles I'll use as canisters in kitchen pics:
And those jeweled border stickers? 
Barbie thinks they'd make a fancy belt😎

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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  1. Oh, goodness, I have to get in to get some of those cute soda-shop cute, great post!


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