Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Fashion Boots for Barbie from Balloons

My pack of assorted balloons came with some of the long thin ones and I immediately saw some thigh high fashion boots for my mod Barbie outfit:) Or they could be called knee socks for a school uniform look. Now, in a perfect world I would have been able to match two balloons that weren't green, but, that's what was in the pack, lots-of-green-balloons... I'm sure I'll come up with a couple other colors as we get closer to fall and boot season again.

To add to my funky 1960-70's outfit look, I chose to hot glue a couple pony beads to the bottom for heels, 
Barbie says she loves the open circle heel-very cool looking!
Ha-Does this pic kinda remind anyone else of the movie Pretty Woman?😉

  1. For sanity's sake, choose a doll that has hard plastic legs and not rubbery legs (and yes ~you~ will most likely have to put the boots on the doll).
  2. Try to stretch the balloon up the legs, don't roll it up. You want the band to stay as thin as possible on the top.
  3. If adding a heel, choose anything you think would work, I like the idea of hot gluing on a bead.
  4. Would I expect to be able to reuse these boots? Not really, they'd be fun for a photo shoot, or for girl play for a while. When she wants to change the look of her doll, simply roll the balloons off and toss. You can always peel the bead off first for re-use.
  5. I did try the balloons on skinny feet that are made for heeled shoes (like this doll) and on the wider flat footed dolls. They are fine with both. Did I try to fit a shoe over the balloon? No, I think that might not work.
Once again, not haute couture, just a fun little idea to add an inexpensive accessory to doll play.

The balloons I used:

Our model is wearing a thrift store outfit and groovy glasses from a Barbie 94¢ Mystery Pack😎

  🎈Make something just for fun and have a happy day!


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