Monday, April 13, 2020

1:6 Scale Barbie Balloons from Balloons and Ping-Pong Balls

There are two things that always make me smile, bubbles and balloons:) I've wanted Barbie size balloons for a while now, and Plan A was to buy some plastic balloons that are sold as cake decorations. But then I saw this idea on Pinterest to make them from balloons and ping-pong balls and couldn't beat the price! Dollar Tree had 6 balls for $1 and I picked up a bag of balloons in assorted sizes. Wa-La, happy times!

For each Barbie balloon:
2 1/4" balloon-I just laid a ruler across the widest part of an un-inflated balloon
half of a pipe cleaner
ping-pong ball
glue is optional
Note: I will say the ping-pong balls from Dollar Tree are a little heavier than what I've traditionally known... So if you can use 'real' ping-pong balls, that would be best.

Cut rolled end off of balloon so it's easier to stretch open. 

Stretch balloon over ball.
Tighten up the balloon so it lays smooth over the ball.
Wrap pipe cleaner around bottom of balloon and twist closed.

 Trim the excess from the bottom so it looks like the balloon was tied closed.
(I tried rolling it up, not worth it folks...)

Straighten the pipe cleaners and twist the bottoms together to create a balloon bouquet, 
that will also make it easier to wrap around Barbie's hand so she can carry the balloons.
Since my ping-pong balls are a little heavy I hot glued the balloons together,
I didn't want them flopping around on the pipe cleaners.

And speaking of bubbles, there's a tutorial for a Fairy Bubble Wand for Barbie HERE.
And yes, it really worksπŸ˜‰

Barbie says balloons just make everything better!

🎈Make something just for fun and have a happy dayπŸ˜€

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  1. Oh, Lynn, these are great...I want to share this with my doll group, via cute!


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