Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Beaded Fairy Bubble Wand for Barbie and 10 Easter Crafts for Barbie Round-Up

Have a nice long Easter weekend with the kids coming up? Looking for an idea or two to help keep them busy? I thought I'd gather a bunch of my Easter/spring craft ideas for Barbie in one place. I hope you'll find some inspiration to make a little project or two, and if you're having an egg hunt with a bunch of kids, most of these ideas would be inexpensive group crafts. Click the title to be taken to my original post.
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Let's break out our stash of beads and pipe cleaners (and maybe some ribbon for streamers tied to the wand) and whip up a pretty Fairy Bubble Wand for Barbie. It's a project girls can make for themselves or this would be a fun little surprise to tuck into a plastic egg for Easter too (just don't forget the bottle of bubbles:)

I know what you're thinking... Will a wand that small really make bubbles??? 

Ha, ha-why yes, yes it will!
I love bubbles😊
  1. Simply push beads onto pipe cleaner. One larger novelty bead on top is extra fun. Just try to make the circle of beads around an inch or so, to keep it in scale with the doll.
  2. Shape the beads into a small circle and twist both ends of pipe cleaner together to form the handle/stick of bubble wand. Keep the handle long enough to bend around her hand.
  3. Adjust the circle so it's centered on top of the straight handle of the pipe cleaner.
  4. Tie thin ribbon around base, below circle, so it flows in the breeze if desired.

  5.  More ideas:


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    🐰Make something just for fun and have a Happy Easter Weekend!

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