Thursday, April 11, 2019

Etsy Sightings -Easter Items for Barbie -2019

With Easter a little over a week away I decided to pour a cuppa and see what the good folks at Etsy had to offer for Barbie. In addition to a lot of originally marketed and packaged Easter themed dolls (and one "scented" Ken???), there are so many fun things... First up, this adorable bunny pancake plate for Easter breakfast-Love it!!!

And while we're on the breakfast/brunch theme...

And while I could easily sit here all day adding links... 
Unfortunately, I do have to get ready for work, boo.

So I'll leave you with:

🌷Have fun Easter shopping, I wish you all a happy day!

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  1. Cute picks, Etsy always has so many choices and great ideas, too. I haven't seen the pancakes before---adorable!


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