Saturday, April 13, 2019

Barbie Baby Carrier from Plastic Easter Egg-Kids Craft, Picture Tutorial (or Pet Carrier)

If there's a Barbie in your life, I'm guessing there are probably some plastic Easter eggs too:) Here's a quick craft the kids can make for themselves, and it costs all of about 20¢... It only requires one plastic egg and a pipe cleaner, but it can be embellished and decorated as extravagantly as desired. Stickers would be fun.

Once I made it, it dawned on me it could be a pampered pooch pet carrier too!
DIY pipe cleaner puppy HERE.

 I started with a hinged, medium sized egg, approx 2 1/2".

 Push a pipe cleaner through the two holes in the round side of the egg.
Try to keep the two long ends an even length.
Note: Most new eggs have marks for holes, but you may need to poke the holes completely open.

 Bring the pipe cleaner up the sides of the egg and push it through the two holes in the pointy end of the egg.
Be sure to leave the egg open enough to easily fit the baby or pet. 

 Twist the pipe cleaner together to create a handle.
Completely twist it so it lays flat. 

 Shape the handle and smile😉
Want to make one to surprise your girl?
How about buying the baby, placing him in the egg carrier, 
and setting her Barbie near the Easter basket holding the carrier.


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