Monday, February 4, 2019

Valentine's Day Tiara for Barbie -DIY from Bottle Ring, Pipe Cleaners and Beads

I found inspiration for this Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Tiara for Barbie while perusing the isles of Dollar Tree. They had some really cool tiaras for Mardi Gras, which I totally need:@) This one couldn't be easier, it uses the bottom ring from a bottle with a screw on cap, some sparkly tinsel pipe cleaners and beads from your stash. A perfect cold winter day project to keep the girls busy, and Barbies everywhere happy!

I used the ring from a bottle of vinegar, any sturdy plastic ring would work.
The tiara before embellishing...

  1. Wrap a sparkly pipe cleaner tightly around the ring at least five times. Try to keep it close together and completely cover the ring.
  2. Add a few longer 'spikes' to the tiara in the center to give it some height.
  3. Finish the other side by wrapping the pipe cleaner the same amount of times as 1 above.
  4. Glue on beads, sequins or any desired embellishment. 
  5. Please note: The doubled pipe cleaner spikes will be too thick to push on most beads. You could cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and wrap them around the ring so that the two ends stick up (think V) and push beads onto the ends.
  6. Cut the ring in the back so it can be opened and placed on Barbie's head.

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  1. I'm so glad you linked-up with our Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop! My little ladies would go crazy over these, perfect activity for a cold day inside, thanks for sharing!


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