Saturday, February 2, 2019

My Barbie's Philadelphia Eagles Football Jersey

Some folks have asked me where I found the neat Philadelphia Eagles jersey for my Barbie. I saw it on Ebay and my understanding is, years ago it was a give-away from Burger King (believe it or not). There is a cute story behind it though... I asked the lady selling it if it fit a Barbie. She told me she had three sons, not a doll in the house... So she drove to a thrift store to try the shirt on a doll! Said there she was, standing in the isle of the thrift store and had to pull the head off of a doll to get the shirt on, but it fit:) Cha-Ching! She dropped it in the mail to me the next day.
 And that ladies and gentlemen, is why a Dollar Tree doll is wearing my favorite team's jersey...
I just couldn't pull the head off of one of my real Barbies.

True story😊

1 comment:

  1. How cute your Dollar Tree Barbie looks, Lynn! I'm loving that heart crocheted purse and the sled that you made. You sure have fun!

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