Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bunny Ears for Barbie from Bottle Ring and Pipe Cleaner

Sometimes the easiest things bring the biggest smiles... These Super Simple Bunny Ears for Barbie would be cute tucked inside a plastic egg, or they're a great project to have the girls make for themselves. It's a fast craft that only requires the plastic ring from a water bottle for the headband and pipe cleaners for the ears. Of course you could make them fancier and maybe glue a little pink to the center of each ear (I'm thinking glitter:) but I wanted to keep this idea as quick and easy as possible, especially if you have several Barbies to help get ready for Easter...
Philly Barbie says "yo, s'up Doc?".
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Bunny Ears for Barbie
~Plastic ring from a water bottle (the part that stays on the bottle when you screw the cap off).
~Half of a pipe cleaner in whatever spring-y colors you have.
~Plastic egg to put it in-optional. I also think it would be a fun surprise if the girl just finds her Barbie wearing bunny ears.
  • Cut ring off of bottle. Bring the two sides of the pipe cleaner up around the ring (making a V), wrap each side tightly around the ring once. Fold each side down in half to make ears and shape them how you'd like. Reshape ring into a circle if necessary. Glue something pink or white to the middle if desired.


  1. So cute, and easy for kids...I love recycle projects!

  2. Thanks Sandi, I do too. I'm always looking at things trying to see if I can turn them into something cute.

  3. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing with us at the Welcome Spring party. Pinned.


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