Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Using Beads as Barbie Art & Dollhouse Decorations

I'm a sucker for the little boxes filled with bags of 98¢ beads at Walmart. While you never know what might be there, every once in a while I find a little gem:@) These 3/4" red wooden beads are most likely intended as macramé beads or embellishments. Since they were still at the store a couple weeks in a row, I decided to bring them home. I could have stacked them as is, but decided to paint them for a little 4th of July decoration... A quick spritz of white and blue paint, and wa-la, a cute touch for the upcoming holiday weekend. The tinsel toothpick I used for the topper can be found at Dollar Tree. I simply trimmed it a bit to size. (Early morning pictures, a little hazy...)

One firecracker bead on the island in the kitchen:

The pack I bought:

Here's another fun one... The polished stone was about 1 3/4" long and my plan was to use craft wire coiled into a circle on bottom for a base, with the wire running up into the hole. It would then stand as a decoration on a table or shelf. But unfortunately, it fell out of my cart and broke in half-total bummer, it really was cool.

We've also used a large wooden bead as a flower vase before. Anything goes, I love the versatility😎

Just cute little decorations,
perfect for any room😉

~Grab it when you see it,
and have a happy day😊

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