Sunday, June 18, 2023

Mini Brands Series 5 Is Out! Barbie Size Food and Props

Even though I'm disappointed sometimes, I'm a sucker for Zuru Mini Brands! I keep telling myself to stop buying them, but when a new series comes out I just have to see what I might find in the ball:@) While I got lucky with Series 4 and did get a frozen moments ice cream sundae, this time... Not so much. I found Series 5 at Target today, don't know how long it's been out, but there were only two balls left in the store.

Series 5 has a purple wrapper:

My haul from two balls:
I find these toys kind of expensive to be predominantly filled with little cardboard boxes... But that's just this reporter's opinion... I could hear something rattling around in the Fed Ex box, so that added a little excitement, but when I opened it, it was just a smaller box of Fruit Loops??? Really???😞 

I am pleased to mention they changed the packaging a bit... 

No longer the five little slices, no matter how much thought I put into it, I just couldn't re-purpose them into something crafty. Now it's two half circles, and we can certainly make a Barbie chair from them! My original chair post is here.

We did end up with a few useful props for photos though... Looks like Barbie is getting ready to watch a little TV😉

~Grab it when you see it and have a happy day!

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